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Watch Sally Nottage of Nottage Cottage toffee gets praised at the beginning of this video at the All American Cup Stallion Review and Auction held in 2011 - Click HERE



Say “Aloha!” to your loved ones and friends
with a taste of Hawaii from Nottage Cottage.

Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Toffee or Pure Kona Coffee Toffee with Pure Hawaiian Chocolate.

Awarded to Sally Nottage of Nottage Cottage
2007 Judges Choice Professional Sweet Award, Kona Chocolate Festival
KONA COFFEE TOFFEE Voted # 1 Peoples Choice
2005 Kona Chocolate Festival
KONAROCA Voted # 1 Peoples Choice
2004 Kona Chocolate Festival Competition

Made with 100% pure estate grown Hawaiian Chocolate from

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